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Re: New "Old" Books

To Dave Walkden and Oak Knoll Books,
        Forgive me if I am wrong, but I too recently borrowed a copy of
Ms. Young's work ("Bookbinding and Conservation by Hand...") and I too
was so impressed with it that I searched Books In Print on-line and
it was listed as being currently in print.  The information follows,
but I just wanted to bring your attention to it just in case there would
be any copyright or other violations unintentionally incurred by the
reprinting of this title.  But leave it to me to editorialize, but I
haven't even bothered to call the publisher (Lyons and Burford) to see
if in fact Oak Knoll is an imprint or if they are publishing it FOR Oak
Knoll.  The information that I've gleaned regarding this title follows:

Books in Print
Author:             YOUNG, Laura S.
Title:              Bookbinding and Conservation by Hand.
ISBN/ISSN:          1-884718-10-8  Active Record  Lyons & Burford  Trade
                      Cloth_$35.00  (Ingram Price), $35.00 (Retail Price)
                       12/1995  288p.  Illustrated
ISBN/ISSN:          1-884718-11-6  Active Record  Lyons & Burford  Trade
                      Paper_$24.95  (Ingram Price), $24.95 (Retail Price)
                       12/1995  288p.  Illustrated
Pub. year:          1995

Reed's Publisher Directory
Name:               Lyons & Burford, Publishers, Incorporated.
Contact info:         MAILING ADDRESS  31 W. 21st St.  New York NY 10010
                      Local 212-620-9580; Fax 212-929-1836

Umm, seeing that the Publication year is 1995 and that the data supplied in
the description lists 12/1995 may I presume that this REALLY IS the edition
that Oak Knoll Books is publishing/reissuing?  If so, KUDOS!  because I
have been planning to purchase this title ever since I got it from the
library a few days ago and that's when I did the on-line search to see
if it is still available.  If so, thank you! and may I send my check
to Oak Knoll, and does Oak Knoll distribute any of the books published
by Dover?  I am thinking here of Manly Bannister's "The Craft of Book-
binding" as well as Edith Diehl's "Bookbinding:  Its Background and
Technique."  Replies will be appreciated and promptly answered.

        Thank you, and let's keep quality books on the Book Arts in
constant circulation!

        Rommel John Miller

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