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Re: Book Arts in Tuscaloosa

>I don't see anything "snotty" in the e-mail from Tuscaloosa, I think
>it's very straightforward and very contained in its tone. The phrase
>"just artist's book"s does not belittle the form but means "as well
>as artist's books," i.e. one has learned to do other useful things in
>the book arts. Mr Alexander should remove the chip on his shoulder.
>Regards, John Charles

If it had just said "just artist's books" that would have been fine. But the
longer phrase was "quality work, not just artist's books," which seems to me
to exclude artist's books from the category of quality work -- it was that
that I found snotty and sadly misinformed. I'll stand by that
categorization, chip on shoulder and all. But I would also object to a
phrase that said "quality work, not just fine press books." So I guess my
chip falls both ways.

my bows to all who do quality work in all fields


Charles Alexander
Chax Press
P.O. Box 19178
Minneapolis, MN  55419-0178
612-721-6063 (phone & fax)

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