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Re: book arts in tuscaloosa

>Please, what is meant by the term "artist's book"?

Johanna Drucker has just spent a few hundred pages answering that in her new
book The Century of Artist's Books, published by Granary Books. So it's not
an easy question, and not one to which all will have the same answer. She
locates it as a field of activity in a zone which is at the intersection of
the book arts and many other artistic endeavors, but does draw the limits as
work which appears in some recognizable book form (as opposed to book-like
sculptures and other works which refer to books as a concept but in no way
take the form of a book). I do think of it as a kind of subset of "book
arts," but I know people who absolutely want to divorce the terms.

I would particularly recommend Johanna's book, and for a definition of the
term, the first couple of chapters specifically.

all best,


Charles Alexander
Chax Press
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Minneapolis, MN  55419-0178
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