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Re: MFA vs ...

>I agree with most of Peter's rant about this, and also recommend NBSS. I'm
>not as down on MFA (or MLS) programs, though-- it depends on which and
>where and what you do there. There are good binders out there. Paula
>Gourley is good (Tuscaloosa). Pam Spitzmueller is good (Iowa). Now how much
>time you can spend with them in that context is something else. You really
>have to look at what they do and see if it's for you, and see if you're
>interested in the rest of the program.

I'm not down on the MFA, I'm just not sure it's the place to learn good
solid hand bookbinding technique especially if you want to go into
conservation. I see the MFA students here at Syracuse just as I saw them at
Cornell, and Yale and other places and theiry work is amazingly creative but
the limitation show in the bindings, because most of the teachers out there
are also very limited in their bookbinding skills. The bookarts have
exploded and everyone is picking them up which is great, in one way and not
so great in the other. It brings in alot of fresh new ideas, but... This
does not make them bad, but one just has to accept the limitations. That is
why it is so important to continue ones training and even teach. That may
sound strange, but in teaching one really learns what one knows and doesn't,
and trust me, students pick up EVERY inconsistancy and will exploit it. It
forces one to contiually reeveluate ones own work as well. If you do sloppy
work, students will see that, may emulate you, assuming it's right or get a
new teacher. CBA is a great place for those classes as well, and Richard was
right to point it out.

On the subject of Pam Spitzmueller, I might point out that she studied with
WIlliam Anthony, worked as /is a conservator at the Newberry, Library of
Congress before taking over for Bill Anthony at Iowa. Even though she is
very much into artists books, she has also mastered the traditional arts of


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