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Don't know nothin' 'bout no book bindin'...yet!


After reading the letters posted in the Book_Arts-L digest since going out
of town this past weekend, I realize I made
a big mistake in my post last week by including a phrase which someone
interpreted as a slam against artists' books. Oops.
This is just a note to let anyone who's interested know that I
only wrote that post because I wanted to stand up for something I
believe in; namely, the book arts program here in Druid City (so
named for all the oak trees).
Since I am a beginning student of the book arts, my opinions about
what is quality work obviously don't carry any weight, and I don't
mind that one little bit.
Growing up on the family farm in Rising Fawn, Georgia, taught me that
it takes time to learn to do anything, and it takes a long time to
learn to do something really well. After you learn to do something
really well, then you can have opinions about it, if you want to.
Until you learn enough to have opinions, all you can resort to
are preferences.
I prefer books to farming, and I prefer farming to
root canal, and I prefer root canal to being thought of as a snob.
I am absolutely sans nobilis, and my momma taught me better than to
put on airs. I would be a pea-picking fool to write off somebody's
hard work and creative expression just because their creation didn't fall
into my category of what books should be.
I consider myself fortunate to have an opportunity to learn
traditional fine binding AT ALL, and best wishes to all of those who
want to learn these honorable skills, wherever you choose to study.

John Marc Green
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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