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Re: Apprenticeship

I thought maybe those reading this thread might be interested in why
someone chose not to go the route of apprenticeship or MFA. I wish this
thread had been going on a year ago exactly, or that I had actually started
it then. Last autumn, I was struggling with the BIG question- I was at a
cross roads- I needed to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, or at
least figure out the general direction I wanted to take. First, I ended up
getting a BA in art history, because I did not connect to traditional art
school media (painting, sculpture, printmaking.) I moved to Chicago after
graduation, not having anything concrete in mind, but looking at the School
of the Art Institute. I took a few workshops in papermaking and bookbinding
at the Chicago Ctr for Bk and Paper Arts over the next couple of years and
found that I really connected to both forms. So, should I get a MFA in
"book arts" or find myself an apprenticeship? it was clear to me that if I
wanted to be "professional" I needed intense training. I scouted out my
options. At the same time, I had a pull towards public service. I decided
that I wanted to be a librarian- I wont go into why here. So, then, do I
get into a conservation program? I have decided not right now. I am in a
public librarian track at the Univ. of Texas. Why? part has to do with the
prospect of a job when I am done. All of the NEA and NHA cuts scare me.
But, that isn't the real reason. I am not interested in making books or
paper for money. I am interested in making them for ME.  This is not to say
that in the future I will pursue formal training. For now, during breaks
from library school (which I love) I am just practicing the few basic
skills I have- honing them, if you will. And I lurk on this list for
insight and I will try to get involved in workshops here in Austin. I might
take the Preservation Admin. track next year, I am not sure. Maybe I will
be calling one of you in a couple of years begging for a mentor ;) We'll
see. Thanks for reading this gut spill. I has helped me to actually write
down what has been going on, and I thought maybe those out there might want
to know what has motivated someone else.  Tanya

Tanya DiMaggio
Gregory Fisk

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