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Re: Apprenticeship

In message <30cda957585e002@maroon.tc.umn.edu> "The Book Arts: binding,
typography, collecting" writes:
> Reading the threads about apprenticeships and internships and workshops
> makes me think that something else which is an issue here is simply the
> level of commitment, risk-taking, even, in some ways, irrationality. For me,

 Or is this a romantic dream of some past no longer possible?
> charles
 I hope not...I am usually lurking here, as I have just recently become a member
of the list. I fall into this self learner option out of choice and necessity.
I also feel very lucky to have a source like this list as I start out very early
in this kind of journey. I am coming later than most here to my decision on this
direction in life. This is after having given up interest in "the arts" because
of family and obligations, or so I thought. This year I purchased an 8x12
C&P and 2 tons of type, WOW was that fun!! Now I'm busy reading and looking,
learning all I can about books,binding,paper,inks,alternative methods,artists,
history,etc.etc. It's all very exciting. This excitement is not even diminished
by the fact that I make a living with computers during most of the day. In fact
my "day job" is now overlapping in interest with computer design, web work,
exploring plate making,engraving etc.
 I just want to say thank you to everyone here who provide so much information
and encouragement to people like me.

 Jon Nichols
 University  of Minnesota

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