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Press Release: Please Post

PRESS RELEASE:  Women are doing it for themselves!

Feminist book lovers can now find their favorite Spinsters Ink books on the
World Wide Web, thanks to a talented team of women called Virtual

In a unique collaboration, Spinsters Ink has teamed up with Virtual
Sisterhood's volunteer developers to launch this pilot project.

"Around the globe, women are struggling to strengthen and expand their
networks, publish and distribute their ideas, gather information and play a
central role in decision-making," said Barbara Ann O'Leary, founder of
Virtual Sisterhood (VS).

O'Leary created VS to help "strengthen and magnify the impact of feminist
organizing through promotion of electronic communications use within the
global women's movement."

Spinsters Ink is one of the first of several feminist organizations to
receive help from VS in developing and controlling their own electronic
information resources.

The book publisher has launched its new website by displaying an online
catalog of full-color book cover graphics that link visitors to chapter
excerpts, author tour information, and book reviews. Development plans
include adding interviews with authors, a "guest book" for visitors to post
comments, and a book discussion group, in addition to coupons, contests,
and give-aways.

The web space was donated to Spinters Ink by Amy Goodloe, Director of Women
Online and Lesbian.org <http://www.lesbian.org>.

Visit Spinsters Ink at: <http://www.lesbian.org/spinsters-ink> and let them
know what you think!

Visit Virtual Sisterhood at: <http://www.igc.apc.org/vsister>

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