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Re: free press(es)

Wow! Free Presses!  I would especially love to learn how to print as well
as how to be a quality bookbinder, but ever since James Burke, in his
intellectual series (now playing on TLC and Discovery cable channels)
Connexions (BBC or Thames or maybe Channel 4 produced in 1978-79)  demons=
trated how good olde Johannes G. designed and cast the type for the first
printing press of reasonable capacity in the West, I have always wanted
to "play" with a genuine type-casting mold, because simple though they
might be, they are nifty little contraptions and wow if I had the $$$$
I'd like to buy a press, type and mold just to play around on and to
see what it is like (i.e. to develop an understanding of the craft before
I would seek instruction/apprenticeship).  That said, Does Mr. Jones know
if the only charge for the presses is FOB from the place getting rid of
them, or would the place actually pay for shipping as well?  If the
freight charges are reasonable, who knows? maybe my time to learn printing
has come, and maybe, just maybe I do a good job at it, but never having
tried it before I am a bit worried if it'll like me as much as I like it.
That said, I just want to thank Mr. Jones for his post and say such an
offer whets my appetite, but often I am "hungrier" than I can afford.
Rommel John Miller
Ocean City, MD  21842-9128

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