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bibliography for kids

Hi, I sent a message a few months ago asking for help on a bibliography I
put together on the book arts (binding, printing, and papermaking) for
children. Originally it was an assignment for a class, but I did a lot of
extra work on it, intending to publish it some kind of way. Well, I found
out that I can't set up an anonymous ftp site here at U of Texas. My Web
page is still in my head, and I realize that not everyone has access to the
Web anyway. So, since a lot of people expressed interest in having a copy,
I will post it on the list. I'm sending it as a separate message with a
subject heading:Warning: Bibliography for Children: Don't download unless
you've read previous message. (it's long) I hope someone is able to
benefit, please feel free to pass it around to colleagues, librarians,
teachers, and most importantly, kids. If anyone knows of something I've
left off, please contact me. Thanks for everyone's help.
p.s. I got an A.

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