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Re: Notes from the front lines

Thank you Ed Hutchins for the kind words for beginning book artists,
the honest advice and the open appraisal of the trials we youngsters
might be facing.
As for Tuscaloosa. Ah well. It is both unfortunate and fortunate that
such a gem of a program exists in a place such as this. For one,
there are none of the endless distractions and numerous possibilities
and choices that other places offer; so one can get right down to
working and making books. Still, sometimes I feel I just might go
mad if I don't get up to New York some time so and soak up some
culcha' once and for all, and it does make me feel a bit
disheartened to hear that so many people assume that anyone who lives
or goes to Alabama is going to fit right into the local mould--even
though what you say about Alabama for the most part has much
truth in it.
I suppose the most heartening thing is to hear that a dedicated and
motivated artist like yourself does not feel the need to judge his
accomplishments relative to how his peers are doing. It seems so
common that artists feel it necessary to denigrate and undercut all
the competition in order to feel a sense of self-worth. I am truly
inspired by your words simply to find solace in the fact that I am
doing the thing I enjoy most and that I do best. I hope you never
stop making books too.

Michael Sean Fallon
University of ALabama
P.O. Box 5877
Tuscaloosa, AL. 35486-5877

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