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Slides Project Survey

A national Book Arts exhibit is scheduled at the University of Northern
Colorado in November 1996.  We are investigating the market potential for
publishing sets of artist's slides of the exhibited books along with an
attractive catalog.  The catalog would provide artist's statements,
technical descriptions of the books, and black and white reproductions of
the slides.  Proceeds would be used to establish a scholarship fund for
students in Printmaking and Book Arts at UNC.  This survey will be used
to determine demand for the project and to secure start-up funding.

If you have not already returned a survey via snail mail, please take a
moment to fill this one out and return directly to:


(There are no numerical characters in the e-mail address.)

Information on the exhibit PROSPECTUS will be posted in January.


1.  Would you, or your institution, purchase a catalog with good quality
Book Arts Slides at a competitive price?
    ___ yes    ___ no

2.  If your answer to #1 is yes, would you prefer to see Book Arts slides
available in sets of ___ 40    or    ___ 80?

3.  What is the most you, or your institution, would be willing to pay
for a catalog and set of slides?

    40 slides:        80 slides:
    ___ $80           ___ $147
    ___ $90           ___ $169
    ___ $100

4.  How do you describe yourself?
    ___ Book Arts Professional/ Artist   ___Educator   ___ Librarian
    ___ Student   ___ Other:______________________________

5.  Would you like to receive notification when this product is available?
    If yes, please provide your name and snail mail address.


   Names and addresses of your associates who would be interested are
welcome also.

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