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Re: Web Page

At 02:44 PM 12/19/95 -0500, you wrote:
>I'd like people's thoughts about the question of small presses and such
>being listed on university homepages.  The president of my university sees
>this as all commercial, and therefore inappropriate (but he's worried
>about the thing getting out of hand, and it already has...!) It seems
>clear to me that the line between supporting the arts and providing a
>forum for independent "commercial" interests is hard to draw in the area
>of literary small press, book arts, etc.  What do other people think?
>  Judy Kerman

I think that the line between commercial and not-for-profit is only a matter
of consequence for tax people when it comes to artistic entrepreneurship.
Sometimes, the difference between some business dealing with the arts and a
non-profit association is that the former gets its donations only from the
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