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Re: Web Page

>I'd like people's thoughts about the question of small presses and such
>being listed on university homepages.  The president of my university sees
>this as all commercial, and therefore inappropriate (but he's worried
>about the thing getting out of hand, and it already has...!) It seems
>clear to me that the line between supporting the arts and providing a
>forum for independent "commercial" interests is hard to draw in the area
>of literary small press, book arts, etc.  What do other people think? (I
>may pass on some of your thoughts to the president.  (I've already pulled
>my press homepage off our resources and put them on CRIS, so this is
>largely theoretical for me...)


It seems to me that a university which has a homepage, and presumably uses
it, among other things, to attract students, perhaps even to attract donors,
yet which would deny an arts organization or activity (presumably one
occuring within university auspices, at least by virtue of being a faculty
member's or student's work) such space because it sees it as "commercial,"
strikes me as a bit two-faced -- "it's OK for me, but not for you." But I
would also understand it might behoove a press, in such a scenario, to use
the home page for purposes other than selling books -- although I think it
should be able to do that as well.


Charles Alexander
Chax Press
P.O. Box 19178
Minneapolis, MN  55419-0178
612-721-6063 (phone & fax)

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