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Re: Web Page

>As a student, and payer of tuition to a university (over $500 per credit hour),
>I find it very odd that the head of a university would say that profit-making
>is outside the scope of a university.  Does anyone else see the irony here?
>Andrew K. Pace
>Library Student                 School of Library and Information Science
>Library Assistant               Library and Information Science Library
>pacea@cua.edu                   The Catholic University of America
>(202)319-5092                   Washington, DC
>Check out:                      http://www.cua.edu/www/mullen/bookarts.html

From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries

Not to make a big deal of it, for it's not the purpose of this list, but Mr
Pace needs as a student to have more understanding of university finances if
he's to go responsibly into librarianship, particularly academic

His university will not be alone in being a money-losing enterprise at every
level, with tuition very likely paying on the order of a third of the
university costs; the remainder coming from endowments and gifts and (in the
case of non-sectarian instititutions) state and federal grants for research
and other purposes.

Mr Pace may wish to complain about the high cost of education, but involving
the term "profits" won't help him make any points with anyone who has
anything to do with financing higher education, which needs more support
rather than the less implied by Mr. P.  --pg

Peter Graham    psgraham@gandalf.rutgers.edu    Rutgers University Libraries
169 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08903   (908)445-5908; fax (908)445-5888

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