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Re: Web Page

>As a student, and payer of tuition to a university (over $500 per credit hour),
>I find it very odd that the head of a university would say that profit-making
>is outside the scope of a university.  Does anyone else see the irony here?

I agree with the universities and disagree with them. What it comes down to
is that they are paying for all the overhead which staff and students use.
This overhead includes the equipment, the staff, electricity,... SUPPORT. As
a professional staff member and grad student I've had this discussion with
fellow students who took the same line, we're paying..., they owe us. They
owe you the education. Access to computers and the net is a fringe benefit
at best. When we couldn't get into the University's dialup lines alot of
people complained. Usage of the net has increased exponentially and is
continuing to do so, which is why they kick us off after an hour. Makes it
tough to do assignments. If you want unrestricted access, you have to be
willing to pay for it, as I do. The fact that the University allows me to
maintain this page and list is not something I take for granted. Your
$500/credit and mine are an investment we are making in our future in the
hopes it will pay off down the road. That does not mean that everything else
should be free.

To those of us who maintain our own pages, if we were using them to generate
income or publicity for our work that's a bonus we should be grateful for,
we should not see it as entitlement though. If you are serious about your
work, treat it as a business expense, like paper, paints... It is
deductible. Maybe we have to be more professional in the business sense and
have our hands out less. Grants are drying up and will continue to do so...

Just some things to think about.

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Conservation Librarian                                  <fax>315.443.9510
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