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Untangling myself from the web I wove

I will keep this short, for as Mr. Graham noted, it is not the purpose of this

I feel I must apologize to the list for my glib and too-quick response
regarding commercial sites on University Web pages.  My argument about the
place and scope of commercialism in universities was admittedly wrong-headed.
I *never* meant to imply that education needs less support rather than more.
But I don't feel I was too far off in expressing the general frustration
(justified or not) of students who feel they are getting less for more.  I am
extremely grateful for a great many things my University has allowed me to do
with my education and position in the library.  I go forward into the library
field with the utmost confidence in  and optimism for a career of ever-growing

I wish everyone a Peaceful Holiday & Happy New Year,

Andrew K. Pace
Library Student                 School of Library and Information Science
Library Assistant               Library and Information Science Library
pacea@cua.edu                   The Catholic University of America
(202)319-5092                   Washington, DC
Check out:                      http://www.cua.edu/www/mullen/bookarts.html

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