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University tuition, web pages, etc.

Thanks, Peter Graham, for the helpful clarification.  My university is
supported by the taxpayers of the state of Michigan - not as much as it
used to be, and not as much as maybe it should be, but students pay less
than half the freight.  Not for profit, certainly.  Also, part of the
origin of this discussion on our campus is the declaration by one of our
faculty (the one most knowledgeable about the Internet) that it is
*illegal* for .edu sites to have commercial ventures posted on their
lists.  Anyone know the law on this in somewhat more detail?  I'm also
going to post the question to Horizon list, which deals with technology
and education.

BTW, this question of whether my small press can have a page on my
university account is now largely theoretical to me (technically moot) - I
am a subscriber to CRIS (Concentric Research), which is a local call for
me to their machine and thus only $10 per month flat rate.  This
originally was my solution to the excessive phone traffic on our
university dial-up. It was a simple and cost-free thing to move Mayapple
(which the person I spoke to a CRIS did not consider large enough to
charge commercial rates) to my CRIS account.

But the principle seems important.  I look forward to people's comments,
and will share them with people here as seems useful.

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