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New Catalog

We are pleased to announce that our forthcoming catalog 32 is now available
online at


It can be reached by clicking for catalog 32 under "Options", or directly at


Listed is a miscellany of fine printing, livres d'artistes, typography,
illustration, fine binding and
graphically interesting materials of all kinds.

Catalog 32 will be published in printed form in early January. If you are
not on our mailing list and
would like a hard copy please reply OFF THE LIST. The posted text has not
been fully proofed
and any corrections, typographical, factual ar grammatical would of course
be appreciated! Any
questions or comments, please contact me:
                      WILSEY RARE BOOKS
           Phone: (914) 657-7057      Fax: (914) 657-2366
             Also: erd@mhv.net  Compuserve: 76427,2455

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