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Re: Book Arts Listserv posting problem

At 10:11 AM 12/21/95 -0500, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

>I set your options to mail repro, meaning you get copies of your postings.
>It is also possible that at one point or anonether you set your mail option
>to nomail and haven't sent it back. All instructions for setting options are
>on the web in links under book_arts-l and get sent out in periodic postings.
>I do remember all three of your posting, so your option has most likely been
>I urge everyone to read and keep a copy of the instructions. That is also
>why they are on the web, and in periodic postings. They are for your benefit
>as well as mine.

Thank you, Peter. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I had some trouble searching the archives previously. But I just succeeded
and see that you are quite correct, my postings did appear.
-- Norman E. Anderson

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