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Re: Web Page

At  2:44 pm 12/19/1995 -0500, Judith B. Kerman wrote:

>I'd like people's thoughts about the question of small presses and such
>being listed on university homepages.

When I responded to your query on the Book Arts listserv yesterday, I did
not understand that you were talking about university support for a
commercial enterprise. I would draw a line between a university underwriting
a commercial enterprise by providing free Web services and simply making a
link to the homepage of a commercial enterprise that may be hosted anywhere.

The ".edu" issue is intriguing and adds another wrinkle. I would suppose a
definitive answer as to whether a commercial enterprise can use a ".edu"
address for commercial purposes could be obtained from the entity
responsible for domain names -- Internic, isn't it? I think the answer is no.
-- Norman E. Anderson

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