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Re: Book Arts Listserv posting problem


I do have the latest copy of the instructions.  The repro is OK.  I can
change it later if I want to.  I probably did set my mail to nomail at
one time, but that would have been early last summer.  I've been getting
all the postings since my return, so that hasn't been a problem for me.
The only problem I've had was the refusal of my message, which has been
taken care of.  And that only came up since we switched list servers.
Things seem to be fine, now.  Thanks for your help.



>I set your options to mail repro, meaning you get copies of your
>It is also possible that at one point or anonether you set your mail
>to nomail and haven't sent it back. All instructions for setting
>options are
>on the web in links under book_arts-l and get sent out in periodic
>I do remember all three of your posting, so your option has most likely
>I urge everyone to read and keep a copy of the instructions. That is
>why they are on the web, and in periodic postings. They are for your
>as well as mine.

Pamela Rups
Instructional Technology Services
2213 Sangren Hall                                 616.387.5016
Western Michigan University                      RUPS@wmich.edu
Kalamazoo, MI  49008


Resolve to be sensitive to the young, compassionate with the
old, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak,
for sometime in life you will have been all of these.


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