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Re: Not-for-profits & private enterprise

Thanks, Charles and James, for your thoughtful and meaty reponses.  I'd
like to draw another distinction, however, and see what you think -
particularly James.  You envision much more support (credit cards, fax,
etc.) than I had ever considered possible OR appropriate.  The question
here is simply a page describing the press, listing the books with ISBN
but no prices, linking to a sample poem from each, and with an e-mail
address for more information.  Does that much support (sort of an expanded
resume of the university staff member or faculty member-as-publisher) fall
inside or outside what you would consider appropriate?  Again, remember,
we are talking about a literary press with gross sales of a few thousand
dollars a year.

The question has not arisen concerning students (yet.)  I am an academic
administrator with faculty rank.  I suspect that faculty who are not
administrators would be much more likely to do this sort of thing, but
I'm an active scholar and artist.  So my interests in the web are more
like a faculty member's in certain respects.

Thanks for all the good thinking!

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