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Re: Not-for-profits & private enterprise

Howdy again...

> Thanks, Charles and James, for your thoughtful and meaty reponses.  I'd
> like to draw another distinction, however, and see what you think -
> particularly James.  You envision much more support (credit cards, fax,
> etc.) than I had ever considered possible OR appropriate.

Richard had discussed these aspects, with the University functioning as a
bank, charging a transaction fee for process credit cards (though his 4%
would barely cover the charge most credit-card companies charge merchants
for each transaction).  Once you get into that level of support, where
does it stop?

> The question
> here is simply a page describing the press, listing the books with ISBN
> but no prices, linking to a sample poem from each, and with an e-mail
> address for more information.  Does that much support (sort of an expanded
> resume of the university staff member or faculty member-as-publisher) fall
> inside or outside what you would consider appropriate?  Again, remember,
> we are talking about a literary press with gross sales of a few thousand
> dollars a year.
I would certainly be comfortable with this level of support from such an
institution.  I'm not sure how/where the line should be drawn, and
suspect that any effort at this point to try and make hard and fast
'rules' would quickly become moot as the technology evolves.

> The question has not arisen concerning students (yet.)  I am an academic
> administrator with faculty rank.  I suspect that faculty who are not
> administrators would be much more likely to do this sort of thing, but
> I'm an active scholar and artist.  So my interests in the web are more
> like a faculty member's in certain respects.

Again, the question will quickly become broader as the technology
evolves.  Philosophically, I am opposed to a University becoming a
clearinghouse on a commercial scale.  If you open up such listings for
faculty, students are like to want similar treatment.  If a faculty
member can list such works for sale, why not a student?  And then the
question becomes how to you determine what is being listed...could not a
student choose to list other items as well?

> Thanks for all the good thinking!


Jim Downey

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