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Re: Japanese Paper Source

Steve Matheson wrote:
> Those of you interested in Japanese paper (washi not rice paper) may be
> interested in the Japanese Paper Place, a Toronto based store with an
> excellent stock of paper/supplies/books for bookbinding, conservation and
> other paper related arts. Their web site, which I maintain, is
> www.ionline.net/~pmagic/jpp. A special list of bookbinding supplies is
> being added shortly to the site.
> Please check it it out & let us know what you think.
> Steve Matheson
> pmagic@ionline.net
> ...without chaos there is no creativity...

I tried twice to email to pmagic@... and it bounced twice. Anyone out
there with the correct address?

Denis Gouey

Denis Gouey Bookbinding Studio
PO Box 383 Norfolk CT, 06058

860 542 5063


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