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Re: changing from digest

For all of you who lost your "cheat-sheets," you can find complete
instructions... in the FAQ at the URL below. Please do not send requests
for information to me personally or to the Book_Arts-L-Request address.
They should all be sent to listserv@listerv.syr.edu, an automated system,
like this list. I will handle "transactions" only in cases where it is
technically not possible for subscribers to do it themselves as in the case
of changed email addresses.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


At 09:01 AM 1/4/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello, Peter
>I've been on "nomail" on the book arts list for so long and am now changing
>that, which I've done. But my options are also now set on "digest" and I'd
>like to change that, too, but don't know the proper command. All past
>list-messages explaining such things disappeared in a hard drive which
>died. Could you let me know the proper command to send so that I get
>messages as they come, rather than as "digest."

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