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Re: grave item

>I can't really answer this, but had to say it was the first time I had ever
>heard the term "the Letterpress Era"  -- that would be, I suppose, from the
>beginnings of print (in various areas of the world) until the early 20th
>Century, perhaps -- and still ongoing in some parts of the world, or in
>small, unorthodox studios in our own nation(s). But I think "font" with
>regard to type has more affinity with the roots of "foundry" -- but
>probably larger etymological relations as well.

Letterpress was still being used by very large typesetting shops in North
America as late as 1970.I worked in Toronto at that time in a shop with
~100 compositors.
Font is the spelling used in North America, fount is used in Britain.

Peter Stanbridge
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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