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re item

>I can't really answer this, but had to say it was the first time I had ever
>heard the term "the Letterpress Era”
that is because long ago it was simply called “Printing” or “Druck”
or some other word that implies pressure. Just as we moderns can
hardly imagine running out of letters in the middle of a book, the
ancients could hardly imagine pigment leaping thru the air and
landing on paper in any intelligent way.

>I washed (and washed and washed, etc.) letters all fall.  By that I mean, I
>had to get the crusted, dried ink off and soaked it off in a home cleaning
>product that we bought from Sam's club.  It is called Pro.
Caustic soda (lye) was once used to wash type (and wood type!)
before petroleum solvents were common. Spray Easy-Off works on
dry ink. But I try to keep my wood from touching water, if I can.
In a studio fire, my wood type got smoked and soaked. I thought it was
gone, so swollen and twisted were the letters. But every piece came
back true after standing on towels for three months. Amazing material.

Cyan  >(:

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