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Re[2]: re item

>wasn't so much the "letterpress" which surprised me as the "era" -- a
>period isn't usually defined by so specific a technology. Personally, I
>like to think that our current "information age" began with the spread of
>printing via movable type,

The textbook date for the start of the "information age" is 1957.  That's
the first year there were more white collar workers than blue collar.
(Just started a CIS3XX class and this little factum was in chapter one)

>allowing for much more widespread (although still limited) reading,
>translations of the bible into vernacular which spread widely, and
>development of improved education for more people than could experience
>it earlier. The computer age is only a recent development of this
now-centuries-old "age of information."

     I agree with you.  Were it not for movable type and other advances in
     printing, we'd still be behind plows or spinning thread by hand.

     Just my tuppence for the conversation.


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