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(Fwd) Looking for Help!

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From:          STAG <STAG@aol.com>
Date:          Tue, 6 Jan 1998 19:39:40 EST
To:            cremers@xs4all.nl
Subject:       Looking for Help!
Organization:  AOL (http://www.aol.com)

My name is Brian and go to a Jesuit University on the East Coast.  We have an
excellent school, however there is one problem.  Our library closes at
midnight every day.  I plan on running for president of the school and one of
my platform ideas is to keep the library and computer labs open 24 hours a
day.  I need to find a list of Colleges and Universities that maintane such
library and lab hours.  Please help if you can.

Thank you,

Brian De Montreux


Ton Cremers
(Book History Chronology)
(Cultural Property Protection)

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