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Re: straight grain morocco

At 09:56 1/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how to make straight-grain morocco? I mean, the
>traditional way without a graining tool. I have the vague impression that
>it involves wetting the goatskin and rolling it up somehow. Can anyone set
>me straight :-)

There are two ways straight-grain morocco was made. The first involved the
use of ridged wooden boards that were used to press the pattern into
dampened leather.

 The second method is to dampen the leather, fold the skin over grain-side
to grain-side and to roll this crease under pressure, back and forth across
the skin in one direction. A cork covered board was traditionally used to
provide 'grip' so the leather wouldn't just slide about. Straight-grain was
produced by move the crease in one direction only. Other grain patterns
were produced by moving the crease in multiple directions.

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