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Re: straight grain morocco

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The skin has to be wetted to just the right degree (!) then grained with =
a graining board - a wooden board of around 8"x10" with a strap or loop =
for the hand on one side and a piece of rubber or cork sheeting on the =
other.  The skin is folded over with the grain side inwards and the =
board is then used to roll the fold up and down the skin, a little at a =
time until the whole skin has been covered.

If the orientation of the fold is kept more or less constant, relative =
to the skin, a straight grain results.  The graining can be repeated at =
right angles to the first, resulting in a "box" or "paste" grain.  A =
"pin-head" , "hard" or "morocco" grain effect can be achieved by =
graining in many directions.  (The fineness of the grain is affected by =
the precise technique but is largely determined by the thickness of the =

These hand-craft techniques are much easier to demonstrate than to =
describe, but I hope that the above explanation will give some idea of =
what is involved.

William McLean
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From:   Steven Hales [SMTP:hales@BLOOMU.EDU]
Sent:   08 January 1998 14:56
Subject:        straight grain morocco

Does anyone know how to make straight-grain morocco? I mean, the
traditional way without a graining tool. I have the vague impression =
it involves wetting the goatskin and rolling it up somehow. Can anyone =
me straight :-)


Steven D. Hales
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Department of Philosophy                 phone: (717) 389-4229
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