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Re: straight grain morocco

In a message dated 98-01-09 00:18:25 EST, you write:

<< From:    Steven Hales <hales@BLOOMU.EDU>
 Subject: straight grain morocco

 Does anyone know how to make straight-grain morocco? I mean, the
 traditional way without a graining tool. I have the vague impression that
 it involves wetting the goatskin and rolling it up somehow. Can anyone set
 me straight :-)  >>
You don't have to wet it if the leather is already smooth. Fold one edge over
(top side in) and roll.  You can put a board on top for added pressure or when
doing a whole skin. Assuming you have a cut rectangular piece, you can do this
end to end, top to bottom, or diagonally.  It "raises the grain". If you roll
it two ways which are perpendicular, you get a very pretty pattern.  I suupose
you could dampen it a bit, if the leather was reluctant.  I read this in a
good old book on leather production.
Experiment.  Hope this helps and doesn't confuse.
Cris Takacs

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