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Re: Amazon.com

charles alexander wrote:

> So, I'll go to far ends to support local bookstores which treat me as well
> or better than amazon -- but I've found relatively few of those. But for
> those I have found, I send praise and thanks.

I'd like to add to this discussion that if you need older, sometimes
out-of-print books to try the interloc web site. I was recently looking for
several books to fill some significant gaps in my collection. I found
EVRYTHING I wanted, at good prices. I just had to deal with more than one
small, private dealer. Only one didn't, as yet, accept credit card orders. It
was great. I always visit the eclectic bookstores when I travel. This seems to
be the niche market that B&N and Amazon can't touch.


you can search by many criteria, I was amazed and pleased.


Darryl Baird

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