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Fw: Amazon.com

This is a very hard discussion to have since the local bookseller is such a
great part of the community, in those few remaining places where they
continue to exist.  Our last one closed down after trying several
reincarnations and sizings.  There is an advantage for me to seeing and
touching some books prior to purchase so having a local store is nice.  (I
know I can do this at a bookstore andthen go order from one of the many
online booksellers.)

One finaancial factor to think about with online though.  I just had to
return a couple of books to amazon.com.  I paid the postage to me  and the
return postage.  This ate quite abit into any savings I might have realized
if I kept the books.

I buy both ways, in bookstores and online.  Barnes and Noble, et al, have
put many a small bookstore out of business.  Online bookstores are now
eating heartily into the superstore model. It will sift out.  There will
hopefully be room for all in the future.  I wonder if online bookstores
have contributed to the overall quantity of books purchased and read, thus
expanding the market for everyone in some ways.

Lee Cooper, a book buyer from many sources
> From: Kerrie Johnston <sweetgums@JUNO.COM>
> Subject: Re: Amazon.com
> Date: Friday, January 09, 1998 7:16 PM
>          R Starr wrote to remind us that small bookstores need our
> business. But please remember that no matter how sympathetic we are
> some of us are on very tight budgets and simply can't afford to pay
> several times the price of something just to help out a store.  Amazon
> gives 30% discounts for new hardcover books. I honestly can't afford to
> buy them locally for full price if I can get a 30% discount online.
> Same w/ many other books. I honestly can't afford to spend 30% more
> just to help out a store. I'm unemployed & have financial problems of
> my own. And I suspect others are in the same situation sympathetic to
> the small bookstore but unable to pay 30% extra to help it when we have
> financial problems of our own.
>                               Love,
>                                 Kerrie

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