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Re: phone company fees

        I apologise for putting in the original comment about the phone company
fees with out checking it out first. Never again. I was lulled by the
current date and the government address, as well as the source I
received it from. I've learned a lesson, hope you will forgive me.

By doing a seach through NewsBot
(http://www.wired.com/news/wirednewsbot.html) I found the following
helpful article.  Apparently the phone comapanies are trying to get the
ISPs reclassified so they will have to pay some of the costs of getting
libraries and schools hooked up to the internet. Fair enough, except it
is a sweeping reclassification which opens them up to many other charges
and regulations, etc... including those same fees they just escaped in
the legislation last year. The article is the most helpful one I found.

The second address below is to the site where you can find out how to
put in comments before January 20th. I think we can just let this drop
from the list and anyone interested can read the article and others like
it by searching further. I can't put any more time in on this now, my
mother just had a stroke and I have too much on my plate IRL.

Telcos get new shot at ISP fees
                By Courtney Macavinta
                January 7, 1998, 12:55 p.m. PT

                update: Concern is mounting in the online industry
                over a pending Federal Communications
                Commission report that could result in new fees for
                Internet service providers.
BROWSER'S LOCATION BOX. The             commas keep it from linking properly

Common Carrier Bureau Seeks Comment for Report to Congress
on Universal Service Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996

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