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Re: Amazon.com

Amen, Kerrie! :)

My so-called 'mom-and-pop' bookstore is run by the most rude people
you can imagine .. added to which they buy from ONE supplier .. if
that one doesn't stock it they go to NO 'trouble' at all to help
me find the book I'm searching for.  Oh, and I have the privilege
of paying at least 30% more into the bargain.  Hardly a scenario
to elicit sympathy from me.

I will always buy locally .. when possible.  I do not enjoy being
taken advantage of by 'local' businesses, however.  "Amazon" is
thriving because they provide the SERVICE and pricing folks like
me desire.

If you have a local mom-and-pop, full-service bookseller, by all
means patronize them.  You are very fortunate, and I am *very*
envious.  :)

Ron Yost
Paso Robles, Calif.

At 04:16 7:24 PM 1/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>         R Starr wrote to remind us that small bookstores need our
>business. But please remember that no matter how sympathetic we are
>some of us are on very tight budgets and simply can't afford to pay
>several times the price of something just to help out a store.  Amazon
>gives 30% discounts for new hardcover books. I honestly can't afford to
>buy them locally for full price if I can get a 30% discount online.
>Same w/ many other books. I honestly can't afford to spend 30% more
>just to help out a store. I'm unemployed & have financial problems of
>my own. And I suspect others are in the same situation sympathetic to
>the small bookstore but unable to pay 30% extra to help it when we have
>financial problems of our own.
>                              Love,
>                                Kerrie

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