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Re: Amazon.com

At 09:50 PM 1/9/98 -0800, Ron Yost wrote:

>My so-called 'mom-and-pop' bookstore is run by the most rude people
>you can imagine .. added to which they buy from ONE supplier .. if
>that one doesn't stock it they go to NO 'trouble' at all to help
>me find the book I'm searching for.  Oh, and I have the privilege
>of paying at least 30% more into the bargain.  Hardly a scenario
>to elicit sympathy from me.

Unfortunately, you have one of the bad eggs.  *sigh*

>I will always buy locally .. when possible.  I do not enjoy being
>taken advantage of by 'local' businesses, however.  "Amazon" is
>thriving because they provide the SERVICE and pricing folks like
>me desire.

I cannot understand why some business people act as if they resent their
Truly defies logic. . .but then, logic seldom applies in situations like that.

>If you have a local mom-and-pop, full-service bookseller, by all
>means patronize them.  You are very fortunate, and I am *very*
>envious.  :)

Up here, we have both:  a mom & pop (three, actually) and Waldenbooks.
This covers
the tri-city area of Kalispell-Whitefish-Columbia Falls.  Two of the three
M&Ps do stock
small press items from time to time, from the more "trade" oriented, such
as Greywolf Press,
to the grant-supported "art" presses (Kutenai Press of Missoula, MT, was
one such).  Waldenbooks, of course, does not.  Our M&Ps are happy to
special order whatever you
want, even if it is from some small press they've never heard of...as long
as they can get an

But enough of this for now, eh, what?  I think we can safely say that both
sides have merit,
depending on place & circumstance.  Yet I would truly mourn the demise of
the small,
independent bookseller.

Richard L. Hardesty
Typographic Design, Rising Wolf Press, Hungry Horse, MT

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