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Re: Amazon.com

At 16:16 09/01/98 -0800, you wrote:
>         R Starr wrote to remind us that small bookstores need our
>business. But please remember that no matter how sympathetic we are
>some of us are on very tight budgets and simply can't afford to pay
>several times the price of something just to help out a store.  Amazon
>gives 30% discounts for new hardcover books. I honestly can't afford to
>buy them locally for full price if I can get a 30% discount online.

And if you are going to consider paying 30% of your book spend to support a
non-viable business, you might wonder if there are more worthy causes. Much
as I regret the passing of the local bookseller, along with the local
butcher, baker and candlestickmaker, I doubt we can buck the trend. But look
at it this way: a small specialist bookseller can get onto the web too, and
reach a far wider market, far more cheaply, than was possible even five
years ago. I know of at least one 'small' hobby web page, that can't
possibly turn a profit, but manages to take credit cards, and therefore can
easily sell to the world. It's not all bad news!




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