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Re: Amazon.com

I do a good bit of business with Amazon because I am a couple of hours from
"local" booksellers. I prefer to browze in bookstores--particularly used
and rare book shops--but it's just not always possible. And my interests
are somewhat narrow. BTW, it always surprises me how few books-on-books are
available in new-book retail shops.  BUT, if a book is out of print, or is
in print and has gone through several editions, and when edition is not
particularly important to me I always check Bibliofind, ABE, and Interloc
and often I beat Amazon's price. Recently, I found a special order item on
Amazon at $75, and found the same item on Bibliofind---about 8
copies---ranging from $8.50-$25.50 at relatively small, on-line bookshops.

So, look around and good hunting!

Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

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