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Re: Amazon.com; a publisher's reply

         Ditto Jack Thompson's post!  I use to read about Powell's &
drool. When I discovered Powell's online I thought I'd died & gone to
heaven.  Powell's is wonderful. Once I ordered a book that was
miscategorized & was very offensive to me. I threw it out but wrote to
tell them how upset I was. They immediately refunded my money plus
shipping & apologized. I call THAT a first rate bookseller especially
since I had thrown away the book instead of returning it. Amazon is the
same way w/ problems they sincerely stand behind their firstrate
         I've only ordered from Bibliofind once but it was a book I'd
been looking for for ages so I was thrilled to find it. & now I'm
thrilled to have Interloc & Abebooks to check. I use to give my search
titles to booksellers who wanted exclusives & they never found any of
them. Once I discoverd Powell's & Bibliofind I could find them myself!
         For booklovers, this is incredibly wonderful.
         It is also great for authors & publishers. If I'm looking for
a specific book I search by title/author. But if I want to know if
there are any books abt. a topic, I peruse that topic - & often buy
books I'd never have heard of otherwise.

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