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Re: Amazon.com

Lee Cooper wrote:

> I buy both ways, in bookstores and online.  Barnes and Noble, et al, have
> put many a small bookstore out of business.  Online bookstores are now
> eating heartily into the superstore model. It will sift out.  There will
> hopefully be room for all in the future.  I wonder if online bookstores
> have contributed to the overall quantity of books purchased and read,
> expanding the market for everyone in some ways.

Kerry Johnston wrote:

>Amazon gives 30% discounts for new hardcover books.

In addition - don't forget the USED Book Stores venue.  I buy new and used
books and trade in my books reguarly (or did before I moved to the
Caribbean where this concept doesn't exist).  I have also found some
treasures like a used Timothy Barrett's book "The Japanese Craft of Hand
Papermaking" at a much reduced cost than buying new.

I think there is room for internet buying and "real life" buying.  Where I
see the internet market edging out the bookstores, is the savings on buying
newly released books or hard to get collectable books that are too
expensive in hardcover to buy, but with a 30% savings make it much more
manageable.  It's a tough one to compete against I admit.

In my case where I can't get specialty books, the internet is a life

Colette Vosberg

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