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Re: Amazon.com

      I fully agree w/ Art Rubino. But this is true of all shops not just
bookstores. I really think it is terrible to go to a small store & take
up lots of the peoples time & expertise & then go buy it someplace else.
It is different if your shopping in all sincerity but just can't afford
it & later see it at an affordable price someplace else. But it is
terribly wrong to me to deliberately waste the small store's time &
expertise just to help yourself decide what to buy someplace else. Small
stores can't compete w/ humungous stores on prices & like I said before
it isn't always possible for us to spend 30% more just to help them but
if they're giving us special help & expertise then that's different & we
should gladly pay extra for that instead of tyring to exploit them whcih
w/be wrong.

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