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Re: Amazon.com

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Kerrie Johnston wrote:
>          R Starr wrote to remind us that small bookstores need our
> business. But please remember that no matter how sympathetic we are
> some of us are on very tight budgets and simply can't afford to pay
> several times the price of something just to help out a store.  Amazon
> gives 30% discounts for new hardcover books. I honestly can't afford to
> buy them locally for full price if I can get a 30% discount online.
> Same w/ many other books. I honestly can't afford to spend 30% more
> just to help out a store. I'm unemployed & have financial problems of
> my own. And I suspect others are in the same situation sympathetic to
> the small bookstore but unable to pay 30% extra to help it when we have
> financial problems of our own.

My sentiments exactly...

Let's face it, if the local bookstore were willing to sell books
for 30% off and order a wide variety of books for us as eagerly,
Amazon would not have had a market to begin with.  The small local
book seller had no concern for my financial problems before Amazon;
I  have no concern for his financial problems now...

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