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Re: Amazon.com

At 09:41 PM 1/11/98 -0600, Darlene Sybert wrote:
>Let's face it, if the local bookstore were willing to sell books
>for 30% off and order a wide variety of books for us as eagerly,
>Amazon would not have had a market to begin with.  The small local
>book seller had no concern for my financial problems before Amazon;
>I  have no concern for his financial problems now...
I might point out that if the local bookstore sold books at 30% off, he'd
be out of business in short order.  The usual trade discount to the small
store is 40%, occasionally 50%, and that doesn't leave much room for
profit.  When I was managing one of the "little" stores, if a book was a
short-discount item (20% or less), it was automatically a special order
item and was ordered strictly for service to the customer, not profit, as
there was none.  When you consider that a really efficient new-book store
can expect about a 7% profit on gross sales, you can perhaps understand
that the inability to offer a 30% discount on standard stock has nothing to
do with an uncaring attitude on the part of a bookseller, but with the
deisre to stay in business.  These discounts are figured before shipping
charges are added in. . . .

The big guys (like Amazon & the chains) can negotiate for greater discounts
based on large quantity buying power.  A small independent (i. e. "mom &
pop") bookseller does not have an easy time of it, I can assure you.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.
Richard L. Hardesty

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