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book arts journals

--- leil james alexander wrote:
any other magazine suggestions? I'd be interested in what people read that
is related to the field of book art, and letterpress printing.
--- end of quote ---

The above message appeard mid-November.  Artists books are often reviewed in
the following journals not exclusively devoted to the book arts:

Art Papers, from Atlanta, currently has an issue Nov/Dec 97, that is on Artists

    Title: On Paper.
  Imprint: New York : Fanning Publishing, 1996-
Earlier Ti Print collectors newsletter.

    Title: Umbrella.
  Imprint: [Glendale, Ca, Umbrella Associates]

   Title: Art monthly.
  Imprint: [London, P. Townsend]

     Title: Printmaking today.
  Imprint: London : Farrand Press

Another journal title related to book arts is:

    Title: Hand papermaking.
  Imprint: [Washington, DC : Hand Papermaking, Inc., c1986-

Are there others people would recommend?

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