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Re: Gloria Stuart's Works???

Gloria Stuart of Imprenta Glorias, Los Angeles, makes lively and joyful
letterpress-printed artist's books. She got most of her letterpress
training from the late Ward Ritchie, and she has painted most of her
life. At least one of her books deals with the late-in-life romance she
and Ward so gloriously shared. I believe she is in her late 70s or early
80s and is still printing. A few years ago I printed a little miniature
book for her, BOATING WITH BOGART, but only because "Robin, dear, I
can't see to print this 6 point type!" Charming line drawings for this
story were supplied by one Davie Dicker (aka Ward Ritchie). Gerald Lange
set the digital type and I printed letterpress from polymer.

Also, I think I just saw a brief note about her in the most recent issue
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