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Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

Um, hi, lots of talk here in the Jan 10th/11th digest about Amazon, et. =
undercutting mom & pop, and the notion that if one is on a tight budget
(read "financial difficulties") one is simply being thrifty and shrewd by
patronizing the "big guys".

Hello, if you're having financial difficulties, what the hell are you
buying expensive books for??? (The discounts of 20-30% are only really
meaningful on higher pricepoint items anyway.)

Ok, so flame me.

Now I will digress. It's only my opinion, but I say go look a bookseller
in the eye, make a considered purchase and keep Main Street alive. You =
afterall hand-work people. Imagine if people decided overwhelmingly that
wir-o-binding at Klunko's was the cheapest (most shrewd) way to bind =
whatevers. You go out of business. Economic Darwinism.

There used to be a small printer in every town and hamlet setting type
from cases and printing jobs to order. There used to be a little book =
next door. The letterpress printers are almost all gone. Why? Same reason
the little bookstore is going down the drain. People tend to be =
but pound-foolish. The Job Printer, the Bookseller/binder, the Bijou, the =
Pharmacist, they're all about look ya in the eye, know ya by name =
culture. There is no culture in Klunko's, or Wullmart, or Amazombie.com.

Think of the money you choose to spend at the shop on the corner as an =
investment in the cultural diversity your town. So maybe you have to cut =
back on the double-latte-hoosy-whatsits from Starblucks. That's probably =
You should have been makin' Fulgers at home anyway.

In the immortal words of Bob Mould & H=FCsker D=FC, "Let's think about =
out actions 'fore we do 'em, or everything will fall apart!"

Here's to the little guy/gal who use their minds, hands and eyes in a
3D world.

OK, I'm done. ;-)

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