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Re: Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

Yeah. What he said.

one of the little gals married to one of the little guys

P.S. Due out sometime this year: my culturally diverse 3-D letterpress
faux coffee recipe book. Abandon  your Starbucks & Foulgers in style.
Any takers?

Michael Babcock wrote:

> It's only my opinion, but I say go look a bookseller
> in the eye, make a considered purchase and keep Main Street alive. You
> =
> are
> afterall hand-work people. Imagine if people decided overwhelmingly
> that
> wir-o-binding at Klunko's was the cheapest (most shrewd) way to bind =
> their
> whatevers. You go out of business. Economic Darwinism.
> There used to be a small printer in every town and hamlet setting type
> from cases and printing jobs to order. There used to be a little book
> =
> store
> next door. The letterpress printers are almost all gone. Why? Same
> reason
> the little bookstore is going down the drain. People tend to be =
> penny-wise
> but pound-foolish. The Job Printer, the Bookseller/binder, the Bijou,
> the =
> Pharmacist, they're all about look ya in the eye, know ya by name =
> culture. There is no culture in Klunko's, or Wullmart, or
> Amazombie.com.
> Think of the money you choose to spend at the shop on the corner as an
> =
> investment in the cultural diversity your town. So maybe you have to
> cut =
> back on the double-latte-hoosy-whatsits from Starblucks. That's
> probably =
> OK.
> You should have been makin' Fulgers at home anyway."
> Here's to the little guy/gal who use their minds, hands and eyes in a
> 3D world.

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