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Re: Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

>In the immortal words of Bob Mould & H=FCsker D=FC, "Let's think about =
>out actions 'fore we do 'em, or everything will fall apart!"
>Here's to the little guy/gal who use their minds, hands and eyes in a
>3D world.

Hear hear! And for those who don't automatically know how special umlauted
u's translate into some of these emails, H=FCsker D=FC translates into
Husker Du, with umlauts over those o's. One of the great punk/alternative
bands of the mostly 80's, out of Minneapolis, I believe -- nice to know
such sounds may have been listened to by book arts folks, even though right
now I may be binding books to the sounds of Charlie Parker.

Still, in a time of books as opposed to an earlier oral culture, and
recorded music more often that live shows, not to mention conversations on
e-mail, I don't think it's quite right to deny the term "culture" to
anything that's not face-to-face. As a bookmaker/publisher, after all, I
don't see most of the people who buy the books.

charles alexander
chax press

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